Our Associated Products

BTS can offer a vast range of associated ancillary products to compliment our primary ranges. We don’t limit ourselves by lists and have often supplied the most unusual of items including domestic and car batteries, lighting and tapes. We don’t like to say no, because we’re a solutions based provider, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, then a quick email or call could be the end of your search.


Sealing Products  :  Rotary Shaft Seals, O-Rings, Back Up Rings, Quad Rings, Gaskets, Gland Packing.

Snap Rings and Circlips  :  Internal and External, Metric and Imperial

Adhesives  :  A Full Range of Instant, Engineering, and Construction Adhesives

Lubricants  :  Hydraulic and Gear Oils. Compressor and Slideway Oils. Sprays, Tubes, Tubs, and Barrels

Lubrication Accessories  :  Grease Nipples. Grease Guns. Lubrication Systems

Castors and Wheels  :  Fixed, Swivel and Braked. Solid and Pneumatic. Threaded and Plated Fixing

Tools  :  Hand and Power Tools. Bearing Fitting and Removal.

Safety Products  :  Signs and Tapes. Footwear, Clothing and Equipment.


As we said, our list isn’t exhaustive, try us, we’re here to provide a solution.